Interview: Jennifer DeLucy, Author of Light Series

Today, I am very pleased to welcome Jennifer DeLucy, author of the astounding Light Series, here on my blog. I have read both of her books, Seers of Light and Whisper of Light, and tell you what, she writes beautifully and there are some degrees of originality in her works (Read my reviews here). There will be a giveaway for your chance to win these books later this week, so stay tuned!

Hello there, Jennifer! Thank you for stopping by today. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspire you to be a writer?
Hello! Well, I’ve always wanted to be a writer—ever since I was a little girl. Writing and music were and still are my two loves. I also do some freelance editing work, but my aspiration is to solely write.

I believe that having a career in writing requires a lot of discipline. Do you mind sharing with us your routine when it comes to writing?
It does require a lot of discipline, especially for me. I tend to be quite easily distracted, so, I have to make myself focus on the task. Once I’m in it, though, I might as well be hypnotized because hours can go by and I won’t know it. I definitely don’t like to force writing if I’m feeling uninspired, but sometimes you have to give yourself a little pep talk.

Is there any particular reason why you choose to write under paranormal romance? Do you think you might switch to other genre someday?
The paranormal genre came naturally to me. I don’t think I could have imagined myself writing without some supernatural elements, because I believe in a lot of that stuff and consider spirituality to be so important in life, so one way or another, my writing is influenced by it.

The Light Series is indeed unique in so many ways. Whilst reading your books, it feels like you create your own myth and I've the feeling that I'm not the first to feel that way! So I wonder, where does all this idea come from?
You’re right! A lot of reviewers and readers make the comment about The Light Series being unique, and it’s funny because I never purposely set out to create something out of the norm. I just wanted to write a book, and Seers of Light was the end result. Then Whisper of Light flowed naturally from that, and the same goes for book three (which I’m currently writing.) As cheesy as it sounds, the premise of Seers was just an extension of the things in my heart. I’ve read a lot of near death experiences and was moved by them, plus, I enjoy and believe in all kinds of spooky, ghostly things, so it felt right. I know a lot of paranormal/fantasy novels create worlds and characters that are high fantasy, with foreign terminology and cultures and places, and I like those novels a lot. But, I think it was really important to me to make The Light Series characters regular people, like you and me, living in our world and trying their best to fit in, despite extraordinary circumstances and abilities. I wanted the readers to be able to relate to these novels both emotionally and philosophically.

If you're a sentient, what sort of endowment you would like to have?
Hm. I think I would say an Empath. Though it makes life more painful at times, I think that the ability to feel the true emotion of others would also make it easier to understand and show compassion toward those who would hurt us or otherwise make us angry. Empathy is an extremely healing, peace-promoting gift.

Which character/s in this series did you found hardest to write about?
You know, I’ve been trying to come up with an answer to this one, but I can’t seem to! All the characters have kind of introduced themselves to me quite easily. I feel very lucky about that!

If I force you (I know I have to force you to make a choice on this one :P) to choose between William and Christian, which one you would choose and why?
Aaaaw. Sneaky! I’ve gotten this question once before and I couldn’t bring myself to choose. But, since you really want me to, I’d have to say William, and here’s why. The decision between the two men is really user specific, so to speak. Some people are attracted to a Christian—an outgoing, devoted, protective provider type with old fashioned charm that publically radiates adoration, while others are more attracted to a William. I think Williams are kind of rare to find, because they tend to sit out of the spotlight. I’ve mentioned this in one of my blog posts, actually, but more than anything, I value a partner who challenges my character without making me feel any less because of it, someone who will push me when I’m being a chicken. William is a good one for that. Also, I kind of like the idea of a guy who trusts you with the depth of his emotion and affection, while maintaining an aura of humble mystery in public. (Me: Oh my! Now I'll have to fight for William with you. He is *really* a sweetheart!)

Tell us five things that readers might not know about you.
Five things, you say. Well. Let me make a list:
(1) I would love to write screenplays
(2) It’s my ardent desire to start a band and travel around performing while doing book events
(3) I wrote the songs playing in the background of my book trailers specifically for each novel.
(4) I adore Asian food! (Indian and Thai are two of my favourites.)
(5) I am a bit obsessed with Youtube. Currently, l am addicted to the Shaytards. You should check them out!

Book Trailers
(1) Seers of Light

(2) Whispers of Light


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