Giveaway: Win Light Series by Jennifer DeLucy

Our sweet author, Jennifer DeLucy, is generous enough to provide digital copies of Seers of Light and Whisper of Light to one of my lucky readers. As I am sure a lot of you would like to have a hand of this series as well, I am going to giveaway another one digital copy of Seers of Light to the second winner! Let's recap back on what my thoughts are on these books:

Title: Seers of Light
Series: Light #1
DeLucy has indeed created a novel that rich with terrifying mystery and astounding storyline, weaves with delicious, intricate romance. The ending of this book gives closure to readers while at the same time, opens the door to possible sequel, which I hope will be released in near future. Enchanting and utterly refreshing, Seers of Light is indeed a must read especially to those who love paranormal romance. I don't think I've come across book such as this one before. Definitely an original read that I highly recommended!

Title: Whispers of Light
Series: Light #2
I have to admit that when I knew Whisper of Light is not really a continuation of Lillian’s journey from Seers of Light, I was left sceptical and a little disappointed. But soon as I started reading, I realised that the sequel might be different, but it is unique and interesting nonetheless. The author, Jennifer DeLucy, has masterfully creates a spin-off that lets readers view the personality of the characters from a totally distinct light. Whisper of Light is surely a book that is full with rollercoaster ride that tangles readers and pulls them into its intricate, emotional journey in finding one-self, in gaining acceptance and in acquiring forgiveness along the way. Such a remarkable read and will certainly be one of the books that I'd always remember.

Giveaway Details:
(1) This giveaway is open internationally
(2) There are several ways to gain extra entries which include commenting on my review of Seers of Light and Whispers of Light and also Interview with Jennifer DeLucy
(3) This giveaway open to those above 17 years of age due to some of the adult content
(4) Giveaway ends: 24th December 2010



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