On My Wishlist #3

Without doubt, my wishlist continues to rapidly growing. The book I am craving for this week is (are, to be exact since I *want* each books in the series!) not actually a new book but I only heard of its existence fairly recently and as I read the description of the book, I was completely hooked. The book that I was talking about is:

Book Title: Magyk
Author: Angie Sage
Series: Septimus Heap #1
Pages: 608 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Book Description (taken from Amazon):
A wide cast of characters battle the forces of Darke Magyk in a well-realized world of fantasy. At birth, Septimus Heap is carried away for dead, and his father, Silas Heap, is entrusted with a baby girl. When the villainous Supreme Custodian tries to assassinate the now 10-year-old Jenna, who, it turns out, is the daughter of the murdered queen, the girl flees to the Marram Marshes along with some family members, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and a young army guard known only as "Boy 412." Pursued by the servants of the Necromancer DomDaniel, and aided by an engaging array of magical beings, they finally prevail in a satisfying and fairly exciting conclusion. Despite the hefty length, the novel is quite easy to follow. Many creative magical elements, such as the deliciously repulsive Magogs, add to the fun. Frequent point-of-view shifts give a well-rounded picture of the multiple plot threads and add many opportunities for light humor. Overall, this is a fine choice for fantasy readers looking to delve into a new world with lots of magic, plenty of action, and a few neat surprises.

Other Books in the Series:
(1) Flyte
(2) Physik
(3) Queste
(4) Syren  


  1. I have the first four books in this series just sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I've heard people say its better than Harry Potter! (which I find a bit hard to believe)

  2. wow....magyk.....
    i loves this kind of books....
    after harry potters, lord of the rings trilogy an chronicles of narnia....this would be my next magical world to be explored...thanks shy!!!

  3. @Aye.Me?: Now you're making me jealous *lol* I've heard the same thing as well and I'm getting more eager to find out myself =)

  4. This sounds like a great book! As I haven't read any Harry Potter or this series I can't compare but definitely one I would like to try :)

  5. BCC!!! Shy....could u please pass this to Book Chick City. I can't browse to her site. Coz of the proxy avoidance...my campus's suck!!

  6. I saw these books tranlated in the bookstore, they totally look like fun. :)

  7. Hey making a stop from the Saturday Network. I really like the look of your blog. This book sounds interesting.

  8. I came over from the Saturday Network. I have several student who have read this series, but I haven't read any of it yet. Yes, yes it's in my TBR pile - somewhere :)

  9. Oooh I love this cover! I definitely want to read this sometime :)

  10. I keep looking at this, and even bought it for my little cousin, but I haven't actually read it myself. I really want to though!

  11. Thanks for participating in The Saturday Network yet again! :D

    Ohh, I think Magyk is the only book I've read in the series, but it was pretty magic-packed and good all-around. My little sister loves the series though, and I hope you do too! And I love how they spell the titles, hehe.

  12. I'm back ;) You have an award on my blog. http://aprilnichole.com/2010/02/07/first-blog-award/

  13. My daughter read this book, she enjoyed it.Here's Mine