Guest Post: Jennifer DeLucy, Author of the Light Series

Sentient: A human being with paranormal gifts. Sentients have evolved souls due to many successfully reincarnated lives. They are charged with the task of contending with paranormal phenomena/entities.

Entity: A supernatural life form.

Astral: A living energy, human or not, that derives its existence from the matter of the universe.

Dark Astral: A non-human Entity with a powerfully negative root. Dark Astrals are most often Energy Drainers.

Energy Drainers: Astrals that have spun into existence due to an environement of overabundant negativity, for example, prisons, mental institutions, and so on. Energy Drainers attach themselves to and manipulate their hosts to cause suffering and fear, the root of their existence.

Endowment: The formal term applied to a Sentient's particular gift.

Seer: A Sentient whose soul is ancient and has evolved tremendously over time. A Sentient who has attained Seer status need not return to the human form, as they have gathered sufficient wisdom over the course of many lifetimes.

Combatant: A Sentient gifted with a deadly psychic strength which extends to the physical. Combatants most often battle vampires.

Vampire: An animalistic being, once human, that craves the blood of humans due to its ability to temporarily replicate the sensation of having a soul.

Empath: A Sentient gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of others. Empaths can also sense the variances in human Lightlines.

Lightlines: The complex range of colors exuded from one's Aura and directly related to emotion.

Aura: The extension of the human spirit beyond its flesh-covering.

Pathcrosser: A Sentient gifted with the ability to speak and connect with the dead. A Pathcrosser can merge souls with a lost spirit and guide it to the next plane.

Soul Merge: A Soul Merge is a Pathcrosser's means of drawing a soul to the In Between, to the place where the Light of the Source can be seen and understood more readily.

The Source: Universal energy understood to be God, or the creative consciousness and animator of all life in the universe.

Emotions Endowment: Not to be mistaken for an Empath's ability, a Sentient with an Emotions Endowment is able to manipulate the the feelings of others based upon their own desires.

Energy Sensor: A Sentient gifted with the ability to locate other living energies at long range distances.

Memory Endowment: A Sentient possessing a Memory Endowment has gifts very similar to a photographic memory, or perfect psychic recall of information.

Intelligence Endowment: A Sentient possessing an Intelligence Endowment will display genius in not only human terms but in paranormal terms, as well. Sentients with an Intelligence Endowment
can quickly identify and understand concepts and psychic phenomena based upon subtler cues such as smell, sound, and air wave frequency.

Telekinetic: A Sentient with a Telekinetic Endowment can focus their energy in order to displace or move an object.

Healer: A Sentient with a rare Healing Endowment can use his/her own soul's energy to repair psychic or physical trauma in another living being.

Energy Catalyst: A Sentient with the ability to stimulate growth and reactions in nature and other life forms.

Conduit: A Seer's Endowment, or the ability to use one's own body to restore another's soul.

Turning: The process of becoming a vampire.

Repelling: The concentration of strong emotional energy, channeled and directed toward an enemy in an act of defense. When physical touch is too dangerous, such as with vampires, Sentients will use this tactic to disarm or knock an opponent down.

Enthralling: A vampire's mechanism for mental control of a victim.

Fated Blend: The term used to describe soul mates that have a close, repeated connection over many lifetimes.

Society (or WorldWide Society): The overall representative community of Sentients and Seers across the globe.

Council of Seers: A leadership of established Seers who are charged with the supervision of all Sentient groups throughout the world. The Council of Seers dispenses funding to all Sentient groups.


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