Giveaway: Win Two Books by JL Bryan

Did you read my review on The Haunted E-Book? Do you feel like you want to read it? Well, here is your chance! The author, JL Bryan, provides me with digital copies of two of his books: (1) The Haunted E-Book and (2) Dark Tomorrow. Let's see some recaps on what these books are about:

Title: The Haunted E-Book
Series: Stand Alone
The Haunted E-Book is one interesting book that will keep readers turning the page until they find the answers to all of their questions. This book is indeed not for one with a faint heart and I don’t think it is suitable for young readers either due to its graphical nature as well as some of its mature contents. Definitely a creepy book that is full with heart-pounding scenes that will make you glance over your shoulders every once in awhile and make you wonder "Am I being watched?" at all time. If you are the fan of horror books, I don't think you'll regret reading this.

Title: Dark Tomorrow
Series: Collection of Short Stories
The world of tomorrow is the world of the unknown. This collection of eight stories includes: (1) "Spectrum" - A highly adaptable alien crashes into a Shoney's in Tennessee. (2) "The Fortune Teller's Lament" - A psychic finds his life slowly ruined by a coin-operated fortune-telling machine. (3) "The Officefrau" - A strange invasive species is moving into Dave's office. (4) "The Fixer" - At first, Norton thought he'd found an accounting error. Now he's spending Christmas Eve with a special security agent from his company, and learning he found much more. (5) "Bad Code" - Donald lost himself deep inside the company network, and now he's trying to put himself back together. (6) "The Long Night" - A spaceship crew is taking a few hundred million tons of radioactive waste away from civilized space. But there's another kind of evil inside the cargo bay, and it wants out. Plus two bonus stories by Amanda Hocking - "The Second Coming of Pippykins" and "Of Shoes and Doom"

Giveaway Details:
(1) This giveaway is open internationally
(2) There are several ways to gain extra entries which include commenting on my review of The Haunted E-Book, Interview with JL Bryan and Guest Post by JL Bryan
(3) This giveaway open to those above 17 years of age due to some of the adult content
(4) Giveaway ends: 4th February 2011



  1. Yah! I am totally curious about this book :)

  2. Thank you for this giveaway!!

  3. A bit of a dinosaur in that I'm still not sure about e-books. Good luck to all those who enter your giveaway though.

  4. I hope I filled the forms out correctly!

  5. I absolutely loved "The Haunted Ebook"! It was so good, I'm definitely going to read all his other ones.

  6. I know! I really couldn't resist them! They were too cheap! :)

  7. Thanks for the opportunity ... would love to read The Haunted E-book :)

  8. Thanks to everyone for entering and to Lauralynn and Michelle for your kind comments about my books :)

  9. Great giveaway. I am definitely hyped to read JL's book.