The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Title: The Choice
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Series: Stand alone 
Source: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Pages: 317 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Overall Rating:

Synopsis (from the book cover):
Travis Parker has everything a man could want: a good job, loyal friends, even a waterfront home in small-town North Carolina. In full pursuit of the good life - boating, swimming and barbecues with his close buddies - he holds the vague conviction that a serious relationship would only cramp his style. That is until Gabby Holland moves in next door. Despite his attempts to be neighbourly, the attractive, red-head seems to have a grudge against him. Still, Travis can't stop trying to ingratiate himself with his new neighbour, and his persistent efforts lead them both to the doorstep of a journey neither could have foreseen.
First Sentence: Stories are as unique as the people who tell them, and the best stories are those in which the ending is a surprise.

My Review: Some might say that life is not complete without love. Logically, Travis Parker denies that the fact is true but when he sees the life of his friends, complete with family of their own, Travis knows that there is a part in his heart that is still missing. When a little misunderstanding cause his new neighbour, Gabby Holland, crashes into his house, Travis finds himself thoroughly attracted to her. Cute, outspoken, a little too energetic and a little too insecure, Gabby seems to snug nicely into his heart but the only problem now is that Gabby belongs to someone else. Set in a quiet, small town North Carolina, the story unravels the love between Travis and Gabby, the path that brings them together and the tragic occurrence that drifts everything apart.

Like many other books by Sparks, The Choice is pretty much simple, predictable and emotional read. Readers are not really introduced to something apparently different from the author other writing, which after awhile, makes this book a little bit boring. However, as a master in this genre, Sparks knows how to attract his readers, he knows how to pull on his readers’ heartstrings and he definitely knows where to put the twist in the story that keep his readers reading till the end, finding out what is going to happen eventually.

The Choice is written in two parts where the first one comprises of Travis’s reminiscence of his past while the second is more about the present things that are happening. Travis is undoubtedly a very interesting character. He is the kind who knows what he wants, who works hard towards the thing that he wants and never let anything stop him from achieving something. Gabby, on the other hand, is a little bit unsure on just about everything that she does in her life where every single decision she has to make will cause a huge chaos in her head. This difference between these two lovers is definitely the main cause that draws them together.

The way the love story between these two played out in the book is quite interesting, in my opinion. Though, I am a little disappointed to see that, once again, Sparks make it too easy for someone to show love and to fall in love. I’m hoping that he might implement something that is closer to the reality. The Choice is not really the strongest book by Sparks though I doubt that I can resist from reading his other books in near future.

Final Verdict: Another simple, heart-warming and bittersweet book by Sparks. I didn’t really enjoy this book much because I think the pattern of this book is too similar from his other writing. However, I believe that those who haven’t taste any or some other better books by Sparks will still be enthralled by this story.

Memorable Quote: I love you Gabby. And not just for the person you are, but for the way you make me think that we can be - Travis Parker


  1. I thought Message In The Bottle was the best romance ever ,when I read it the first time but after I read a few more of his books I realised he plays with the same idea in diff settings making vulnerable characters and making us feel pity for them..:)

  2. Hi Shy!! Great review! I'm waiting for Dear John's review from you. =b

  3. Great review. Though Sparks' novels are pretty predictable, I think that's what I like about them. I love the tragedy in his novels! I have yet to read this one... I seemed to had misplaced my copy.

  4. Hi Shy!I know it's pretty predictable when you read more of his books. But I dont mind at all as I think, he's the best choice when it come to us to choose a light/heartwarming read =)

    great review as always.I need to find this book soon ;p

  5. I would give this book a go, just because I loved Dear John.
    Good review.

  6. I'm a little hesitant to read anything by Sparks because, like you said, I get the impression that his books are predictable and a bit cheesy. I shouldn't say that without reading one, though! Excellent review.

  7. @Marie, Darlyn & Fredamans: I think reading Sparks's works are some sort of guilty pleasure for me. They aren't totally astounding but story as a whole depicts something that most people desires in life. For me The Notebook is still the best work from him. And the movie itself was nicely done. I haven't yet read Dear John yet but I am pretty sure that I'll get into that one very soon =)

  8. The Notebook was fantastic, but I still havent read any other book by this author. I wanted to pick a book up written by him at the library, but nowadays his books are very popular here and everytime they already are borrowed or reserved. :(