"Over The Top" Award from Teddyree

Yay! Another award and this time it comes from another fellow book blogger, Teddyree from The Eclectic Reader. It is an honour for me to receive this and I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Teddyree for sharing this fun with me. The rules for this award are rather simple. All I have to do is answer the following questions with single word answer and then pass this along to 5 bloggers.

(1) Your Cell Phone? Insignificant
(2) Your Hair? Black
(3) Your Mother? Sweetheart
(4) Your Father? Funny
(5) Your Favorite Food? Chicken
(6) Your Dream Last Night? None
(7) Your Favorite Drink? Coffee
(8) Your Dream/Goal? Happy
(9) What Room Are You In? Bedroom
(10) Your Hobby? Reading
(11) Your Fear? Spiders
(12) Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Oversea
(13) Where Were You Last Night? Home
(14) Something That You Aren't? Talkative
(15) Muffins? Sweet
(16) Wish List Item? Bookssssssssssssss
(17) Where Did You Grow Up? Malaysia
(18) Last Thing You Did? Read
(19) What Are You Wearing? Pajamas
(20) Your TV? Nada!
(21) Your Pets? Cats
(22) Friends? Lovely
(23) Your Life? Mess
(24) Your Mood? OK-ish
(25) Missing Someone? Home (And everything in it!)
(26) Vehicle? None
(27) Something You Aren't Wearing? Wig
(28) Your Favorite Store? Bookstore
(29) Your Favorite Color? Black
(30) When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Yesterday
(31) Last Time You Cried? Yesterday (I blamed "Marley & Me" for that!)
(32) Your Best Friend? Generous
(33) One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Blogs
(34) Facebook? None
(35) Favorite Place To Eat? Home

I would like to pass this award to the following bloggers that I've befriended with recently:
(1) Jess from The Joys of Reading
(2) Jennifer from The Introverted Reader
(3) Juju from Tales of Whimsy
(4) Darlyn from Darlyn'n'Books
(5) Melissa from I Swim for Oceans


  1. OMG!actually, i just want to tell you that i want to give you a blog award, and i'm really shocked when i saw you give me an award too..thanks Shy!


  2. Thank you so much! I always enjoy reading everyone's answers to this one.

  3. Congratulations to the winners of this beautiful award!

  4. awww thank you so much! I'll be posting an awards post on tuesday...you're much too kind! Congratulations on your awards, too :)

  5. Congrats on the award!! And, lol, I would still be in my pajamas too if I didn't have to go out today. ;)

  6. Loved reading your answers, sounds like a lot of us are in pj's in our bedrooms, wishing for books and visiting blogs LOL

  7. @Darlyn: Thank you SO MUCH for that award! I did banter a lot on your site, didn't I? :P

    @CJ, Sheila, Melissa, Jenn: Thank you =)

    @Jennifer: I'll be off to your site soon to read yours!

    @Teddyree: *lol* I guess we all have quite a lot of things in common then ;) But seriously, I don't think there will be other thing that would excite me more than books.

  8. Loved reading your answers! This award is quite fun! When I don't have anywhere to go I practically live in my PJs :)

  9. Ohhh I loved Marley and Me, it made me cry too!

  10. 1. Thank you for the awesome award. *hug*
    2. Thank you for thinking of me.
    3. Marley & Me made me cry too!
    4. I love that your favorite place to eat is home.